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Publications and Math Toys

Math Everywhere, Inc., is a new entry into the publishing field. Ours is the MathEverywhere Courseware Series. We are the new publishers of the well established Calculus&Mathematica interactive textbook series. In addition, we publish three newer courses, VectorCalculus&Mathematica (formerly part of C&M), Differential Equations &Mathematica, and an enthusiastic linear algebra course, MatricesGeometry&Mathematica.

The challenge is the publishing of largely electronic, interactive courseware. It is very different from bound, printed books, and even quite different from software. Our MathEverywhere Courseware Series entries appear on CD in electronic form only. There are printable files on the CDs for users to make their own books from. The advantage this gives is that the courseware can be kept up to date at this web site, and the printed matter will fall into line behind updates of the courses. There don't need to be major edition changes ever. Like some better software, smaller changes can be accomplished in version modifications.

You purchase the courseware in this series through our sales department. You may purchase your copy of Mathematica from Wolfram Research, Inc, the makers of the Mathematica software.

The Math Everywhere Courseware Series, and its author list will grow. We are currently reviewing other courses, including a heavy-duty intro to computer graphics at the high end, and some interactive texts on Algebra and Trigonometry.

We like toys, too. We have a host of button driven games in Mathematica. We have a raft of optical art which will convince you that you really can't believe what you see. We'll sell our vector drawing package from the C&M vector calculus courses for you to use in your courseware. Just ask us if you're interested.

Keep looking here for new announcements. We'll only do quality products.

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