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MEI's Credentials

Math Everywhere's people are THE experts in interactive math teaching.

Bill, Jerry, Bruce and Lee are mathematicians who have logged more than 80 years teaching math at the University of Illinois and Ohio State University. They have PhDs, have done all kinds of teaching and research, and pioneered what you find here at those and other schools.

Bill Davis and Jerry Uhl have been at this since some time in 1988 when Mathematica was just coming out. They, together with Horacio Porta, took the next several years to write and test Calculus&Mathematica courseware at the University of Illinois and Ohio State University. Lots of other people at other institutions played a big part in that testing, and had a hand in the current design of that courseware. The development was supported in part by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Jerry and Bill are well known in math circles for their pioneering work and attitudes in changing the way math is taught. Jerry won teaching awards at the University of Illinois, and the Illinois section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). Bill won one at Ohio State.

Jerry is a constant presence on math teaching reform list-servs, at national and international meetings on modern teaching techniques, and he regularly designs and runs workshops to introduce people to our courseware. He has presented our case all over this country and the world: In Australia, South Africa, Greece, Singapore, England (the Open University), etc.

Bill has designed and run workshops for the MAA and NSF in the pedagogy and technology of teaching with interactive computer based materials. He spent large parts of four summers running workshops in that and materials development for the Interactive Math Text Project sponsored by IBM, MAA and NSF. Recently, due to the strong influence of his wife and Lee Wayand, he has become deeply involved in theories of learning, and techniques for carrying those theories into the classroom and onto the Internet.

Lee Wayand and Bruce Carpenter have taught these interactive courses for years. They have designed and built tools for interactive learning in Mathematica, Shockwave applets, other systems we don't discuss openly yet.

Lee currently works on building new tools for interactive learning for WebPrimitives. He has done, and continues to do, research in learning through the Ohio State University high school remote learning program. Lee is certainly the expert in using techniques like Socratic dialog in internet learning.

Bruce is the person who took charge of making the lessons really clean and printable for Math Everywhere. He has done some tricks other experts admire. In addition to his expertise in teaching with interactive materials, Bruce is probably the world's leading expert in using some features of Mathematica, like buttons. You should see his Mathematica games. In fact, you can. As soon as we get them packaged well, you'll be able to sample and buy them.

Our primary technical consultant, and good friend, is Alan DeGuzman. He was involved with all of the things mentioned above, including the IMTP workshops with Bill, the trade show workshops with Jerry, and the Mathematica technical support with Bruce and Bill.

Jo Davis is our conscience, and our expert in communication skills, process development, and learning styles. She is the person who taught us the most about what we see as we teach with interactive materials, and about how we can use principles of conflict management and mediation to improve our teaching effectiveness.

We'll tell you more as we go along. We'll tell you about Beth and Vivian.

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