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The MathEverywhere Courseware Series

Math Everywhere, Inc, launches its new courseware series with the release of four products.

The now Classic, Calculus&Mathematica.

The complete VectorCalculus&Mathematica.
This is the courseware that changed several variable calculus.
The new DifferentialEquations&Mathematica. A subtle blend of traditional tools and modern qualitative theory of Ordinary Differential Equations. The preliminary Matrices,Geometry&Mathematica.
An active, intuitive approach to matrices, Euclidean geometry and Linear Algebra.
Learn about matrices the way professionals use matrices.

The courseware comes on a CD which contains all of the lessons, some extra tools, and Adobe PDF files for printing selected parts of the lessons in nicely formatted two-column pages. When you register your CD with Math Everywhere, you get web access to the latest updates of your CED, and get access to technical support of the product.

Math Everywhere publishes and sells the courseware, and Wolfram Research, Inc. sells and distributes Mathematica. Go to Wolfram Research, Inc, the makers of the Mathematica software to get your own copy of Mathematica. Go to our sales page to purchase your copies of the Courseware. Each CD has a suggested retail price of only $45.

If you prefer to order from your favorite bookstore, the ISBN numbers are.

(Prices at local bookstores may vary.)

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