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MEI Consulting

The Calculus&Mathematica programs, and our Internet based teaching programs have been around for a long time. Calculus&Mathematica has been running at colleges and universities for ten years, for example.

The Math Everywhere staff has experience in designing and running workshops that spans the entire time period. We have run workshops under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation, the Mathematical Association of America, the Interactive Math Textbook Project, and other groups. You may have attended some of our short courses at ICTCM, or AMATYC, or MAA meetings.

The topics of the workshops have run the gamut of our expertise: Teaching in computer lab settings, designing and writing interactive materials, brain based pedagogy, and math in the virtual (Internet) classroom.

All of these workshops are available to you. If you want a workshop, for example, in setting up and running such courses, either on campus or via the Internet, we can help. We have the tools available for management of such courses, too.

We offer all sorts of consulting, as well.

Do you have questions for us about our consulting services?

Send us a note: team-list@matheverywhere.com

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