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What does Math Everywhere do?

Our main goal is to teach math on the internet. We want to teach anywhere, everywhere, and, eventually, everything. We've been doing it in various forms for a long time, and we are good at it. Check out our courses. The ones we use now are written in interactive notebooks written using the powerful omnibus math program, Mathematica. You can take a whole course, or part of a course in calculus, pre-calculus, differential equations, or the geometry of n-space with matrices. You can take them from us directly for certification, or from NetMath at the University of Illinois for credit. If you have a special need for a course which spans parts of the courses we already offer, we can accomodate you, too.

Our interactive courseware started with Calculus&Mathematica, by now in use for over a decade, which was written by Bill Davis, Horacio Porta and Jerry Uhl, and originally published by Addison-Wesley. The authors decided that electronic courseware should change more frequently than most standard texts do, and decided to change the mode of publishing to concentrate on the electronic lessons, minimize the importance of the print version, and to work toward building an electronic course which is always up to date. Here's where Math Everywhere steps in again. We publish the courseware: the calculus, differential equations, vector calculus and matrix theory courses. We will continue to add items to our list of publications. For example, we are currently looking at a very sophisticated computer graphics course written by one of the best people in the business for possible inclusion in our list.

In that ten years of experience with interactive courses, labs, and teaching on the internet, we've learned and done a lot. Each of the principals in Math Everywhere has run lots of workshops on this sort of teaching, the pedagogy underlying it, the technology which supports and hinders it, and the management of its resources. We can help you, too. We are available for consultation or for workshops on any of these topics.

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